X-Perience Boudoir Mission Statement

As a child I loved painting & drawing, but when my father gave me his SLR camera at the age of 14, I discovered a way to combine love of art & capture life & of course my family.
I studied Design at university specialising in photography & during my studing I was asked to photograph a wedding for a friend. It was an amazing experience & I loved documenting such a special day, from then on I was hooked & fell in love with how joyful & fulfilling the day made me feel. I knew I had to become a professional photographer.

From doing my weddings I would have a few boudoir shoots inspired & fuelled by brides-to-be wanting a honeymoon surprise for their new husband. In my heart I knew this was what I wanted to specialise in.

X-Perience Boudoir Goals

My goal is to help women to experience a beautiful & enpowering experience hence the name X-perience Boudoir.
Boudoir sessions are a great gift for your significant other but an even greater gift to yourself.