X-Perience Boudoir Photo Shoot

My Boudoir photography is about sensuality and beauty, always tasteful. My photography always shows that the woman is feminine, liberated and fully in control (in contrast to glamour photography where the subject is very much for the benefit of men).
At the time of your session, the studio will be ready for your personalised photo-shoot. X-Perience Boudoir will do our best to cater for any special requirements or requests.

X-Perience - The Big Day

The build up to the boudoir shoot is seen as very much as part of the experience. First choosing your lingerie is seen as a sumptuous affair and treasured by women. After all, this is not about comfort and practicality: this lingerie is actually going to be seen, albeit by invitation!

On the day itself, the shoot can start with a glass of bubbly followed by our in house professional make up artist applying your make up as desired charged at £30. This all helps to relax and place the woman in the right positive frame of mind.
The photography itself is a continuation of the pampering theme. Sessions are carried out by a female photographer even printed & framed by myself. The best boudoir photographers are skilled in putting the woman at ease and bringing out the best in them, I use a subtle caress of light to create a intimate atmosphere-and careful posing to bring out the woman's individuality.

The more relaxed and trusting the subject is, the better the results. Results that will last a LIFETIME.